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Founder, The Scoop Glastonbury & The Scoop Wethersfield


I started my journey in television after college as a traffic reporter for local radio stations and NBC CT.  My next stop was 22NEWS in Springfield, MA where I anchored the morning show for 8 years. 

After taking time off when I had my second little guy, I returned to TV as the Host of CT Spotlight back on NBC CT.  The job gave me so many amazing opportunities to connect with people in all different industries. 

I loved interviewing small business owners.  They have the best, most courageous stories! So, I decided to help tell their stories on my own and let people in town know what's happening with these small businesses. 

There is so much SCOOP!  Hope you enjoy my sites and please connect with me through email if you have any tips or suggestions.




Leader, The Scoop Wethersfield

Kim was born and raised in Wethersfield. She has an extensive media background with stints at multiple networks where she learned how to get some of the biggest 'SCOOPS' in the nation. Most recently, she ran her own photography business in Wethersfield.


As a mom of three, Kim is deeply involved in the local community and understands the residents. She is excited to work one-on-one with businesses to tell their stories. She is also really good at getting The Scoop! Welcome Kim!

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